Who we are

AEM Logistics is an aircraft detailing company and service provider specific to aviation events around the world. Our team has been in the aircraft detailing industry for 15+ years, both for commercial and business aircraft. We provide full detailing services to many business aircraft manufacturers along with private individuals.

AEM Logistics owns and operates LEKTRO tugs and does aircraft placement / static management for the aviation industry. We are the only company globally that incorporates all static management into one company. Our fully insured and certified personnel makes us the sole company globally to offer this service at airshows around the world.

AEM Logistics shipping division handles all shipping logistics for the aviation industry. Our personnel have over 25 years experience in international freight management and logistics. We handle all our own shipping logistics ensuring that all our equipment is cleared and onsite well in advance of the event. We handle freight logistics for several aviation clients making AEM Logistics a turn-key company for all our aviation clients.

We place our customers as our first priority, ensuring that their experience from beginning to end is free of any distractions and worries. In order to achieve this, we use aviation approved products and processes that not only enhance the appearance of your aircraft, but protect your investment well into the future. We care for your aircraft as if it were our very own, making sure that nothing is overlooked or mistreated.


AEM Logistics, a Montreal base company, utilizes several mobile equipment kits to service aviation events around the globe. This allows us to service your aircraft in Shanghai one day and Los Angeles the next, while maintaining the same complete and comprehensive kit for each job. Our risk management plan for our services to be implemented are minimized so no impact of our performance for our contractual obligations shall be affected.

• Bahrain International Airshow
• Singapore Airshow
• Abu Dhabi Air Expo
• Avalon Australian International Airshow
• ABACE, Shanghai, China
• EBACE, Geneva, Switzerland
• CBAA, Canada
• Farnborough International Airshow, England
• LABACE, Sao Paulo, Brazil
• Istanbul Airshow, Turkey
• Airshow China, Zhuhai, China
• MEBAA, Dubai, 2015, UAE
• MEBAA, Casablanca, Morocco
• Excelaire, Long Island, USA
• NBAA Regional Forums
• JetExpo
• Paris Airshow
• Hainan Rendez Vous
• Asian Aerospace
• Macau


• Aerolineas
• Agusta Helicopter
• Airbus
• Avpro
• Bank Of America
• Bell Helicopter
• Boeing
• Bombardier
• Boutsen Aviation
• Cirrus
• Comlux
• Constant
• Dallas Jet
• Dassault
• Deer Jet
• Diamond Aircraft
• Duncan Aviation
• Eagle
• Elliott Aviation
• Epic
• Execujet
• Freestream
• Garmin
• Global Wings
• Gogo
• Guardian Jet
• Gulfstream
• Honda Jet
• Honetwell
• Jack Prewitt
• Jet Aviva
• Jet Effect
• Leading Edge
• MAC Aircraft Sales
• Mente Group
• MicroJet
• Nextant
• Nextant
• Piaggio
• Pilatus
• Piper Aircraft
• Rockwell Collins
• Satcom Direct
• Sikorsky
• SkyService
• Socata
• SyberJet
• Tag
• Textron
• The Jet Business
• Universal
• ValorJet
• Viking
• XO Jet